DIY Ideas for Decorating Your Vacation Home

by Lakeside Realty 12/14/2021

Your vacation house is your home away from home and you should decorate accordingly. Whether you have a quaint cottage nestled in the woods or a sprawling beachfront estate, you may want to take some time during the off-season to craft some DIY decor for your vacation home.

Here's a few ideas to help you get started:

DIY Sand Candles

Candles make any home feel cozier, so you likely have a few scattered throughout your beach house. Instead of opting for standard wax candles with little or no character, you can create custom DIY sand candles that perfectly match the theme of your vacation home. For this project, you will need wax candles in any color you prefer, natural sand and any beach-themed accents that you want to add to your candles. To complete it, dip the candle halfway into glue and then quickly dip it into the sand. Once it dries, add the accents or details that you chose, and display your candles in your home.

Driftwood Wall Art

Those pieces of driftwood that wash up on the beach can be transformed into wall art in your vacation home. Collect driftwood and use the pieces that you have to design a unique piece of wall art that will quickly become the best conversation piece in your beach house.

Wood Slice Wall Art

If you have a cottage or cabin with a woodland theme, then wood slice wall art is the perfect DIY project for your vacation home. You can use old firewood that you have lying around, and slice it so that you have many round pieces of wood. Use these pieces to design wall art, decorate picture frames or create an accent mirror.

Seashell Wind Chime

Your outdoor decor is an important element of your vacation home as well, and you can make your beachfront cottage more whimsical with a homemade seashell wind chime. After a day spent collecting shells on the beach, you can craft a DIY wind chime out of wooden sticks, nautical rope and seashells. When the wind blows, the sounds of the beach will help you feel relaxed and at ease while staying at your vacation home.

Wooden Blanket Ladder

If your vacation home is a wintertime destination, then you may want to add unique touches that make your house more comfortable and inviting for everyone. You can craft a wooden ladder out of reclaimed barn wood and excess fire wood. Once you have completed the ladder, hang all of your favorite blankets on it, so everyone has something warm to snuggle with.

DIY Stepping Stones

Create your own stepping stones using the materials that can be found outside your vacation home. Stepping stones can easily be made from plaster and plastic molds. Once you have made the concrete or plaster base, use natural items such as river stones or seashells to decorate the stones.

You may want to begin crafting when you are away from your vacation home, as this will help you continue to feel connected to the place that you love so much. Or, you may want to pack up your supplies and bring your materials to your property the next time you go. Either way, these projects will help you feel more at home even when on vacation.